Friday, June 7, 2013

Adventures in babysitting #1

Last summer I spent it babysitting for a cousins daughter. She is the same age as Eve so I knew it would work out. We had a great summer and I basically got paid to have a friend over every day to spend time with Eve.

Well, that girls mom quit her job so I figured we would have a kid free summer. I guessed wrong. A friend wanted me to watch his girls when he needed help. I figured what the heck, might as well.

Today was the first day that he called on my services. 

After waking at 5:45 a.m. (ghak) the girls arrived at 6:10. I assumed they would go back to sleep (like our routine last year). Well you know what they say when you assume, it makes an a** out of you and me. The girls were up and stayed up. I took an hour nap on the couch. They woke me up because they were so hyped up from the donuts that they brought with them. All were well behaved but just hyper. We went to our free school lunch at noon and then headed to the park on the golf cart. We played from 1-3pm. 

At one point it was just the 3 girls and a little boy, approximately 3-4 years old. We didn't know this boy or his family but the girls were somewhat playing with him. They included him when they could but some times still played without him. I don't blame the girls, they were not at the park to be free entertainment for someone else's kid. While playing with him, the girls overheard the grandmother on her cell phone telling her friend that there were "3 girls at the park being rude," and "they won't even play with him."  Really? She was sitting her booty on the park bench while her grandkid followed 3 older girls around and screamed at them. At one point when they were going down the tall slide he proceeded to jump up and down and throw a fit. So, when did it become my kids' responsibility to play with someone else's kid when they are too lazy to do it themselves? Am I being wrong here? The girls were not rude to him but they were doing age appropriate things and I didn't think they needed to take it down to his level.

Girls going down the slide. Notice the little boy being bossy!

We basically had the park to ourselves!
So, what did I do while the girls played? I read my Nook, of course, and had peanut butter M&M's. I started The Silver Linings Playbook. 

The steering wheel on the golf cart makes a great Nook holder :)

All in all it was a great day. They were very well behaved and I earned some Disney spending money :)

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  1. YAY for earning Disney money! LOL I watched my niece last year who is the same age as my son. I decided I wouldn't be able to this year with a newborn baby though.

    1. I understand not being able to do it with a baby :) That would be a lot to handle. We babysat last summer too and it really worked out. It gave my kids someone to play with. This summer I want some more alone time with them and I want them to be able to have friends over and not worry about the child we are babysitting (3's a crowd kind of thing) so I am only going to babysit on an as needed basis because "YAY for earning Disney Money!" :)