Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day gift idea

It's time to make Father's Day gifts!!

Mine was pretty simple to make. My hubby LOVES gummy bears. My husband eats gummy bears like its the zombie apocalypse and he won't ever be able to eat them again. I'm pretty sure when the zombies attack, he will be driving across the country like Woody Harrelson looking for not the last Twinkies but the last Black Forest Gummy Bears. Seriously, our local convenience store can't keep these things in stock. We will all gladly tell you that Haribo is overhyped and too tough!

The problem is that most gifts I found on Pinterest were of gummy worms. This father won't eat worms only bears. So, I had to use my imagination to come out with an idea. 

I bought the bears in a 3lb bag at Marsh Supermarket for $5.99. The jar was $3.99 at TJ Maxx, it came with the cute little chalkboard sticker on it and 2 pieces of chalk.

Here is the finished product!

Here is the cute tag I made for it on Picasa. (The border came from here). I used some yellow ribbon to hold the tag on. 

It says "We Love You Beary Much Happy Father's Day"

After I put the gummy's in the jar and wrote "Dads Treats" on the jar, I decided it would be super cute next to the dogs treat jar which is where it will live once he opens his gift.

Pretty sure that in our house these bears won't last very long and I will be driving out of town weekly to refill the jar. Maybe I should order a case from Amazon!
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