Friday, June 21, 2013

It's the little things that crack you up

The little things always seem to crack me up. Whether it's something funny someone said or they did, I can't stop laughing.

My poor sweet doggie gets stuck under the couch sometimes. He barks and growls until we lift the couch up to help him get out. I'm sure he goes under there to itch his back and then can't get out but when he chases a ball under there he has no trouble getting out. He woke me up from a nap the other day by barking, he was stuck again!

I have a friend that has kids named Ireland and London, both very cute names. She said if she ever had another baby she would give it a country name, too. Please tell me you get the humor in this!!

I have a friend that calls this woman Geneibee. I'm pretty sure they put her name on the screen every time she is on TV.

I have a co-worker, who is a smoker, but when offered a soda she replies with "no thanks, I don't want all those chemicals in my body." Seriously crackin' up.

This commercial cracks me up every time I see it. I end up saying "hump day" over and over again for hours!! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike....

It cracks me up when bloggers don't have a way to follow them on their sidebar. Seriously? If I read your blog and decide I want to follow you what am I supposed to do? Usually, I just leave without following.  I realize I am not an awesome blogger but I do have several ways to follow me on the tippy top of my sidebar so it's your first thought to click one of those buttons!! This is one of the first things I learned when I started blogging.

And because you should always find time to laugh at yourself, I have been the biggest idiot of the week. My dog has been itchy and so I found out that I can give him Benadryl. I had some liquid Benadryl in the cabinet so I researched how much I could give him. Armed with that, I set out to figure out what to mix it with. He doesn't like peanut butter so I had some other ideas. I tried applesauce: NO, ketchup: nope, lemonade: NO, water: NO, milk: NO!! WTH?? He's a dog, he eats from the trash and litter box but won't eat some stupid liquid with a little Benadryl in it. At dinner that evening I decided to try queso, because he LOVES cheese. Winner, winner chicken dinner. He took his medicine and it helped a little. The next morning I tried the same thing, he sniffed it and walked away. What was I to do? After sitting and thinking about it is when the dumba** part comes in. I remembered that I had 2 freakin' cans of dog food from when he was sick and wouldn't eat hard food. Of course, I gave him a big spoonful mixed with the medicine, he practically licked the bowl clean, and took a nice itch-free nap. Why didn't I remember that the day before, if I would have it would have made my day a lot easier. Poor puppy, mommy's an idiot!!
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  1. Facepalm with the coworker who smokes but won't have sodas.