Monday, June 24, 2013

I screwed up!!

I screwed up and I am not afraid to admit it.

I booked my Disney vacation several months ago so I could start paying on it and then when they offered free dining I was going to call back in to change my reservation. We have been going to Disney over fall break for the last 4 years. My kids love it and we always seem to get a "free dining" flyer in the mail (like last year here). Usually when I get the flyer is when I call to book but this year I thought I would book early, stupid on my part. All of my friends have received flyers but not mom and I. I have called Disney twice over the last few weeks to see if their was a PIN attached to our names and there isn't :(  Does their computer recognize that we are already booked so they aren't sending us one? That's my guess!!

The part I hate is that I now have to wait until they offer it to the public. By that time some of the resorts could be booked for the promo. I don't want to lose our resort. We are so excited to stay at Port Orleans Riverside, they have that cute little murphy bed that Eve is wanting to use in the worst way. 

Hope for the following for me:

1.  I get my flyer soon with my PIN code 
2.  They open the promo to the public soon AND they have my resort still available OR
3.  There is a moderate resort available that we will like

I guess only time will tell!!
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