Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Pinterest day

Since I am on a Pinterest kick and stealing borrowing from my mom's garage, I decided to try another Pin. This was my Pinspiration:

How cute would this be by the front door for flip flops, especially since Emmett has decided, just this summer, that it's OK to pee on flip flops? I also found one at Hobby Lobby but who wants to spend money on one when you can make your own? I was thinking of painting it but not putting the wording on it so I could keep it by the front door in the winter for gloves and hats.

After cleaning the bucket up, and that took a loooooooong time, I realized how old it was and didn't want to ruin it by painting it. The "naked" bucket looks better, I think. I put it by the front door and it sits in front of my new burlap curtains. What better combo than burlap and an old bucket?

Please don't mind my floors, they are in desperate need of refinishing, know anyone that will do it for free?

The shoes won't stay lined up like this for long but isn't it cute?

I am not disappointed by my decision not to paint. I think it looks perfect and fits in with the theme of the room. What do you think?
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  1. I won't look at your floors if you won't look at mine... Thanks for visiting the SSSBlog Hop. Following you everywhere now and I've added your badge to my website!

  2. Ohhh I love it!! And I like that you didn't paint it. I like the rustic look. :-)