Friday, July 19, 2013

Window to Mendy

Since I started this blog I wanted to be one of those people that can tell you what I did that day and it would sound all fantastic and exciting but my life is neither of those things. You know the bloggers that I am talking about. They are 24, single, live near a beach, and are constantly going to concerts. None of those things describe me. I am over 30, married, live in Indiana, and relax at home. 

To help drive this description home, I am going to show you a window to my life. Keep in mind it is summer and since I am a school employee, I am not working. 

Here is Thursday, July 18th!

I got up at 8:45am. Being that I am a senior citizen, I usually can't sleep past 9:30 :( After I woke up, I cooked my breakfast and watched my morning stories while reading my favorite blogs!

Chocolate chip oatmeal and some water in my Columbus Crew cup, GO CREW!!
Love these girls!
After awesome Kathie Lee and Hoda was over, I did chores and fed my people lunch. 

My lunch, carrots and dip.
We left for the pool at 12:30. Xander doesn't like swimming during the hot sun hours (he is his father's child) so he mowed a yard and then went home. Eve and I swam until 3.

Beautiful, crystal clear water!

That's Flat Ken, an uncle, for his surprise party! We are supposed to photograph him in awesome places and then email them to his wife.
When I got home I did some more chores, worked with the hubs on dinner, and spent some quality Pinterest time.

After cleaning up the dinner mess, the hubs and I sat down to enjoy some Doctor Who. We are currently on season 4 episode 12. The hubs has watched all of them but I am new to it. 

We went to bed at 10 because the hubs has to wake up at 5:30am for work. While he slept, I had some more Pinterest time.

Hope you enjoyed a window to my day. Don't be jelly of all the excitement!

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