Friday, July 12, 2013

Internet, you're funny

I have been reading the funniest crap on the internet lately, here is just a minor touch:

1.  Someone was having a rummage, posted it on a Facebook rummage page, and the title was: Adoption rummage. Someone commented on the post to ask what "Adoption" meant. The person responded that all of the proceeds of the rummage were going to their adoption. The original person asked: "Adoption of what?"

2.  Sadly someone in the next town over was shot. Someone posted on Facebook that they wanted to have a candlelight vigilante for him.

3.  I try to laugh when on Pinterest I click something to follow the link and the link goes NOWHERE!

4.  I also try to laugh when you click a Pin for the recipe and they don't tell you the recipe, the blogger just has pics of their meal.

5. Why is it that everyone believes EVERYTHING they read on Pinterest? It makes me think of this commercial:

6.  I recently got this email from Kmart after a purchase. I purchased a quart of gloss black paint and a bag of cat food but here is what they recommended for me after the purchase:

WTH do I need sealing gun wax sticks for?

As for my photo challenge I have done awful. July 5th was water and my plan was to take a picture of the sparkly pool but it rained all day and I was not taking a picture of rain. July 6th was sunshine, still more rain! The 7th was the market and it was still raining so I was not going to go to the farmer's market in the rain. The 8th was a memory and I forgot to do it, ironic? Drink was the theme for the 9th and again, I forgot! Which leads to the 10th, the theme was outside/nature. We had some flash flooding so I took a picture of my front yard:

The 11th was treat:

Snickers ice cream bar...yummy!!

The 12th was travel. I am not traveling right now except to the pool so there will not be a pic for the 12th!

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  1. hi mendy, everytime i see that french model commercial, it always makes me laugh!!

    thanks for joining the FUN FRIDAY BLOG HOP!