Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday: First Job

It's time for Throwback Thursday again with The Life of Bon. This weeks theme is First Job.

My first real job was at Hardee's. I hated working there, then, but I'm not so sure now. Can you imagine having a job that didn't really matter? You could do what you wanted when you wanted and it was forgiven because you were a "stupid teenager." There were so many positives and negatives to working fast food.

Free food, when I was sneaky.
Worked with some other great kids.
I basically chose what shift I wanted to work.

I always smelled like grease.
People are rude to fast food workers.
My car always smelled like grease.

Here are three of my funniest stories from my 2 years there. 

Slap box champion
As I worked there longer, I wanted the open shift on Saturday and Sunday. I was a teenager and could still stay out all night and not be tired (those were the days) but then I was getting off work when my friends were waking up. Bonus!! I had already earned my money for the day while they slept. Anyway, I opened and instead of working the cash register, I was the biscuit and chicken maker. This was great. I didn't have to deal with the rude customers. I would go in, start making the biscuits, and at a certain time I would start the chicken. (Side note: I hate to touch raw meat) The chicken breading was a dry powder, a liquid mess, and then the dry powder again. After those three steps, the little chicky would fry. It was during this time that the cooks and I would slap box in chicken powder. We had tons of fun, always made a mess, and usually got in trouble. But we were 17, who cares, right?

My next awesome story is a doozy. One of the cooks and I were having a discussion. I said I was right and he said he was right. He then says "if you don't stop arguing with me I am going to call 9-1-1." Being that dumb teenager mentioned before, I continued to argue. He picked up the wall phone (the kind with push buttons, not electrical, and had a was 1993, what do you expect) and dialed 9-1 and hung up the phone. After he hung up, he picked it right back up again, dialed the last 1, and hung up again. Of course, being the awesome GCPD, they called right back. The looks on our faces had to be priceless. We were scared to death, so naturally we took off running. We decided to hide in the freezer. After discussing what to do and the shift manager opening the freezer door and yelling for us, we had a plan. We thought it would be smart to go out the little freezer door that goes outside the store that's used for deliveries. When we opened the little door, we saw the police car pull in. Oh, shit was our thought, what do we do now? Hide, of course. The shift manager ended up finding us and we had to get a serious scolding from the nice police officer. We were both written up and were not allowed to use the phone anymore!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner
My last story is just great. A man came through my drive thru and ordered a bucket of chicken. We were out so we had to cook it. Once at the window, this man was severely intoxicated!! He was slurring his words, telling random stories, and was quite entertaining. Everyone got in on this fun. The cooks came up to chat with him and egg him on, other cashiers were talking to him, and the shift manager was my age so she even got in on it. At one point while he was waiting the power went out. No power=no chicken fryer. He was getting frustrated but not violent until he says "I'm going to have to get my gun out." We all laughed, of course because we live in a town of 8,000 people, gun violence is not an issue. He reaches under his seat and whips out his gun. I'm not sure how we did it but about 10 teenagers fit on the floor, and quickly, in the drive thru area. The manager crawled away and called the police. Of course, since "gun" was mentioned we got all of the PD's finest. City police, a couple of county sheriff's, and a few state police officers (they mush have been chillin' together at city hall) fly into the parking lot and run at this man's van with guns drawn. Pretty sure GCPD had never drawn their guns before, it was a humorous site. The poor man was arrested for public intox and had to leave without his chicken! The poor police then had to ask 10 teenagers their story and had us all write it down. I bet those were interesting. 

Hope you enjoyed my crazy stories. What good first job stories do you have?

That's me, back row center! I had to take a snapshot of my yearbook!

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