Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pray for Zoey

I don't like to post things that ask for prayers because I don't like to put people on the spot and I don't want to assume that all of my 1 reader(s) has the same religion as me. But this is to help save a tiny, little life.

My mom's puppy, Zoey, is very sick. On Monday, she was diagnosed with Parvo. She is a sweet, 5 month old, 5 pound ball of fire and is so precious. We are not sure how she contracted the disease because she never leaves her yard. The vet is doing all he can to help her which has included IV's, antibiotics, and surgery. If you are not familiar with Parvo, it can be deadly if not treated soon enough. Luckily, a few weeks before she contracted the disease she had some of her shots, which is helping. They think we caught it soon enough because she started showing symptoms (lethargy, vomiting) on Friday and my mom took her to the vet on Friday evening and Saturday morning. They kept her there and she has been there since then. They said she is fighting it but is now getting depressed. The poor little thing is in a cage at the vet, when she should be at home running through the house and the yard. My mom and daughter visit her every day and she perks up when she sees them. Every day my mom gets the same answers: she is a little better, she made it this far, we are doing what we can.

So, please pray for sweet Zoey and my mom. To help them through this and that Zoey will get healthy and be able to go home soon.


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