Monday, July 22, 2013

Doorknob to Towel Holder

As I mentioned here, I have been working on my second bathroom. It has had it's complete makeover but the stupid frame around the mirror is giving us fits. Hopefully the new idea will help. Let me just tell you that all those people on Pinterest that acted like it was a piece of cake are lying liars because it is more like brussels sprouts!

Moving on, since I can't show you the bathrooms finished product I thought I would show you the doorknob towel holders we made. I decided to do this and went to Pinterest to find a tutorial on how to do it. I found one that said pour some liquid resin in the hole, let it set for 24 hours, and then drill a hole for your bolt. That sounded like a lot of work and the idiots at Lowe's were no where to be found to help me find liquid resin! So, the hubs and I came up with a new idea and it was fabulous! These knobs are also a find in my moms garage. Lucky for me she has a super old garage and my dad collected EVERYTHING and lucky for her I am getting stuff out of her way, haha!

Supplies needed:
JB Weld

That JB Weld stuff is awesome but smells like a skunk wallered around in garbage (vomit!). Anyway, you take that JB Weld and it is like playdough, you roll it around to make a ball. You stuff that ball in the hole of the doorknob (I let the hubs do this because no one wants to stink like that). Let it set for a few seconds and then put the flat end of the hanger bolt into the JB Weld. It is already starting to set. This is what it looks like after you put the bolt in:

We let it set up for an hour or so then screwed it into the wall.

The hubs didn't even use a drill. He just used the pointy end and screwed them in. They are nice and sturdy. Here is the final product with towels I found at TJ Maxx:

What do you think? Isn't if fabulous? 
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