Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The day I turned into a 13 year old

Yesterday was a very long day. It wasn't warm enough to swim and I basically sat in my jammies all day. I didn't even leave the house. I told the hubs that I was trying to save gas but I'm pretty sure he knows that I was just lazy. What turned me into a 13 year old was that I believe I said "I'm bored" 2,458,987 times. 

It's not that I sat around and was a lazy lump all day. I did laundry, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, worked on a Pinterest project, and washed the walls and ceiling of the bathroom in preparation for me to paint. 

It was the down time in between those activities that made me crazy. If Indiana didn't feel like it went from June to October then I could have done some outdoor activities but NO it has to be 70. WTH? 70? HEY INDIANA, IT'S JULY, WARM THAT SHIZ UP!! This girl wants to swim in warm water and get some sun not worry about rain and freezing my booty off!

Being bored means something else, as well, it means that I ate constantly. It's a problem. If I'm bored, I eat. So, of course, yesterday I stuffed my face all freakin' day. 

I thought it would get better when the Hubs got home from work but he had to work late and then played video games after dinner!!

Today is supposed to be warmer so if I get my painting done then I can swim and catch some rays!

Speaking of catching rays, this is my pic of the day for the photo challenge. The theme was "heat" and since we haven't had any heat for awhile this one is from last week:

Hopefully, I'm not bored today. I don't think I have enough cookies left in the house!
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