Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change the title from Kathie Lee and Hoda

School starts today :(

Which means, no more Today Show, no more Good Morning America, no more Live with Kelly and Michael, no more the Price is Right, and the most tragic......NO MORE KATHIE LEE AND HODA!!

Lucky for me the Today Show now has an app for my Android phone so I can go back and watch Kathie Lee and Hoda during my lunch! How many days until Christmas break so I can watch them live? I also downloaded Hoda's book, I can have Hoda time whenever I want!

I am writing this, however, to state my case to join the show Kathie Lee and Hoda. I think that the show should be Kathie Lee, Hoda, and Mendy!!

Here is why I think that I would be fabulous as a third person on their show:

I LOVE when Hoda's playlist comes on. Kathie Lee's face is HILARIOUS and I love that Hoda just keeps singing and dancing. I think I would be a good third opinion for the songs. I like about 1/2 of them and dislike the other 1/2.

I have an awesome singing voice for "Louis Licari, la la la la la la!!"

Sara's leaving (insert sad face) provides an opening for a quirky side kick. I am willing to be sent to do wacky things and I love looking at pictures of cute new babies!

Our ages are perfectly spaced out. What better than to get opinions from 3 different age groups. Kathie Lee turns 60 this week, Hoda just turned 49, and I will turn 38 on my next birthday!!

I am not easily offended and can easily laugh at other people! I can talk about others, too.

I could add opinions from not only my age group but from us mid-western folks, parents of young children, and my financial group.

And the best and most important reason:  I LOVE RED WINE!!

I'm sure I have a few things against me. I am not skinny or beautiful like them. I don't really wear dresses (in my defense we don't go anywhere so I can wear dresses). I am not famous or a journalist (although I wanted to be a journalist when I went back to college back in 1999).  I don't know my way around New York nor have I ever been there.

Now for my plea: Kathie Lee and Hoda, please call me. I would be glad to add my opinion to your show.

"I wanna Hoda on your Kotb, yeah yeah!"

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