Friday, August 30, 2013

This school year

This school year has been quite disappointing! 

First, I went from teaching 3rd grade to 2nd grade. Second graders are so immature, it feels as if half of my time is spent on discipline and not teaching reading.

I have zero prep time. Last year I had 20 minutes in the afternoon to prep for the next day. This year I have 0. I don't even have any time to make the copies I need or get books and activities ready.

Also, I used to have 4 kids come to me every 45 minutes but now I go into classrooms and the teacher is in charge of what I am doing. Which means a lot of nothing.

One teacher isn't very organized (opposite of me). She has no morning routine and it is making me crazy. Because she has no routine it means that my work gets backed up and I don't like to not be on schedule. I have already had to tell her what I want to do, what children I will work with and when, and I set all of her centers up for her as to what times we rotate.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that it is a learning experience for everyone, so hopefully it will get better. 

Lucky for me I have awesome co-workers. Just the other day, no one said a word to me when I sat in the break room and was eating my grapes. The funny part is that I had grapes with seeds in them (thanks Meijer for the wrong packaging). I was taking a bite of 1/2 of it, then scooping the seeds out with a spoon, and then finishing the rest of the grape. Bless my co-workers because no one said anything!! They are the best :)

Now for a funny thing a student said:
This is more like a story and not what he said. One little boy (2nd grade) told the assistant principal that he was a werewolf. He was dead serious. He said that his dad is the alpha and so is he. Well, he was acting out in class and acting like a werewolf, which was distracting the rest of the class. Because of this he was in the in school detention room. The principal had a meeting to go to and it was time to send the little boy back to class. She went in the room with him and told him (with a completely serious look on her face) "you're going to have to keep that werewolf caged up during school hours." The boy responded with "you're going to put me in a cage?" She said "NO, we are not going to put you in a cage." He replied with "I meant put the wolf in a cage in my head."

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