Monday, September 2, 2013

Miley is one smart b@#$%

First I need to point out that I am home on a Monday and guess what I am watching right now......Kathie Lee and Hoda!!!! What better program to blog by?

OK so I have determined that Miley Cyrus is one smart cookie. She did the best thing every by acting like a drunk teenager on the awards last week, she is being talked about. How many times have you heard her name this week? How many times did you hear her name in the past 4 months? There is a HUGE difference in that number isn't there? Whether you liked/disliked or agreed/disagreed with her performance, one thing remains fact, she got publicity out of it. Even the foam finger guy has commented on it. The one thing that is ticking me off is that a parenting group is all P.O'ed because of it. The question I have for them is why was their young, impressionable child awake to watch an ADULT dance on stage? I know that my kids were tucked in bed and didn't even see it (although, I'm sure the 13 yr old has since watched it online). I have said this before, if you did a good job raising your child then he/she won't be affected by it. But why were they awake to watch something that was aired at 9pm Eastern time? Another question I have is, how does she still have Liam Hemsworth?

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Also, I believe that I might just have to watch the hot mess that is American Idol this year. Why, you ask? Because this hottie was just named a judge:

Yummy, Harry Connick Jr. (photo here)
I did some shopping this weekend and look what I found for 1/2 off on the dollar rack at Target. Aren't they fantabulous? The kids love them!!

Eve let me help her make some friendship bracelets. She even took my advice on how it would work best. She had fun and made 2 bracelets for friends. She even added some charms. Friendship bracelets bring back tons of memories.

I found this awesome, free printout. It is set up to automatically print at 8x10 but I chose 6x8 from the settings of my printer and it fits nicely in a 5x7 frame.

Finally, saw the Google Street View car in the CVS parking lot. Too bad he wasn't driving and caught my image, then I could be famous!! Have you seen the Google car in your area?

How was your week?

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  1. That is really cool that you saw the Google Map cam!!!
    Our Fairy Tale

    1. I thought so too. My husband saw it too in another town when he was driving home from work. I asked if he stuck his hand out the window to wave so we could see if he made it online and he said no :(

  2. I said the same thing about Miley! She knows what she's doing. I LOVE the Disney countdown printable. When are you guys going again?

    1. We are going over our schools fall break. That's when we usually go but I think this will be our last year for a couple of years :(