Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who do you think you are?

We all have that one co-worker that seems to think they are in charge. They think they run the show and can tell you what to do. If you don't, then it's probably you!

I had one that decided to go up against me. She wanted to boss me around and look important but surprise, she wasn't. One day we had the ultimate showdown. I don't know why she was expecting me to back down because I never had in the past, but it didn't make her any less persistent. She was telling me what to do and kept getting louder and louder with each demand. She was getting frustrated with me because everything she told me to do I answered with "we'll, Dr. _________ said for me to do it this way" In a nice, calm tone. I never raised my voice. I never argued with her. She was the one called to Dr. _______ office after another doctor overheard her yelling. She ended up looking the fool. Some people are too dumb for their own good!!!

Well, I now work with another one. This one is a new aide at school that hasn't worked in a school system for 10 years and when she last taught it was kindergarten, not second grade. She has already changed her after school responsibilities to suit herself, even after we told her several times the correct way to do it. She has decided that it just wasn't working out. She was even going to alter what students did until we stopped that one by telling her that parents would be furious if their child got home late.

Last week she decided that the cafeteria just wasn't working for her. She changed what we were doing with out talking to us other 2 aides (one with 6 years at the schools and the other with about 30 years). We have always made the second graders take their lunch trays up then go to their lunch table and out their head down. We like teaching them the responsibility of keeping quiet to earn recess. Most of the time they barely sit down and we let them line up but it is still a good thing for them to learn. She thinks that we should let them take their try up then line up, where they scream, jump up and down, and talk. She says that they are going outside and it shouldn't matter. Remember the old saying "give them an inch and they take a mile?" We'll take that times 180 7 year olds and you can imagine the chaos. She is quite frustrated that we won't budge.

A little tid bit that I forgot to mention is that she has been homeschooling her kids for the past 10 years. They are very well behaved but don't seem to understand that schools have rules. Her 3rd grader was missing part of her recess because she didn't get her class work done. It was only 4 problems. She got her work done and mommy checked her answers. Well she then thought her child should be able to go out and play even though we have told her time and time again that the teacher in charge has to check them and will let her go play. Her response was that it was ridiculous and it needed to change. She complained to several people and everyone stood their ground. She was not happy. The daughters teacher even pointed out that the girl had plenty of time to do her work in class and she should have had it done then.

I'm pretty sure I know why this lady was hired. Her hubby is a prominent pastor and is friends with several higher ups at nearby religious college. We are stuck with her. My school system is all about nice, religious teachers and even though no one is perfect in God's eyes, they seem to think that those types are pretty close. 

Don't judge me by my beliefs and I won't judge you by yours. This post was about one person, not a group or type as a whole. 

Do you work with someone who has management delusions?

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