Friday, October 4, 2013

"I Choose Me"

My second graders are on a field trip today which makes me a happy girl. Hopefully it means it will be a happy Friday.

I don't have to go on the field trip and plan on spending my day doing the following (pending I don't have to fill in somewhere else):

Copy repeated timed readings Levels I-M
Locate, print, laminate, and cutout short e and short o Bingo cards
Copy graphic organizers
Locate, print, and copy short e and short o worksheets

The kids field trip is to a fun place for little ones called Conner Prairie. If you live near Indianapolis, it is worth the trip. Xanders kindergarten class went and Eve's second grade class so I have been several times. It is basically a living museum of before the turn of the century. Teachers spend the week leading up to it reading Little House on the Prairie books to their students. 

(I went on Conner Prairies website to find a pic to post right here but all I could find was pics with kids in it and I did not want to post someone elses kids pic. So, you get nothing.)

Did you know that 23 years ago Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered!! That is so hard to believe. I started that show from the very first episode and watched it right until the series finale almost 10 years later. I so wanted to be Kelly. I thought she was the coolest and dressed so cool. I also wanted her awesome hair but considering my hair is thick, brown, and wavy, it was never going to look like hers.

Check out those awesome clothes! Man, I loved that show. I still quote one of my favorite things from the 10 years on the air when Kelly said to Brandon and Dylan after they both proposed marriage to her:  "I choose me." Priceless entertainment!! I have heard some other shows trying the same thing but Kelly was the original!

My friends and I (mostly guys, btw) were all sitting in front of my 27" TV awaiting her decision and that is what we got!

So, the Vampire Diaries and the Originals started up last night. I can't believe I am saying this but I actually thought Elijah was hotter than Klaus in this episode. Probably because there was no Caroline to make him all cute and romantic. As for the Vampire Diaries, it was just OK for me. What did you think?

Have a good weekend. We have a wedding to attend. Not excited but at least I got to buy a new dress and some super cute shoes. I will try to take pics this weekend and show you the end result, only if you will keep in mind that I am no fashionista!
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  1. Oh 90210, I remember watching one or two episodes with my Mom:) Question for you? I know you are a seasoned Disney traveler, would you say that in general November(the week before Thanksgiving) is a good time to go? I am thinking about surprising the kiddos with a last minute trip and they are running the 30% off room special!

    1. I have heard it is a good time, as long as you don't go into Thanksgiving week. I hope you get to go. That would be an awesome surprise!!