Friday, October 4, 2013

I got a "new" china hutch

Last week, here, I mentioned that I got a new china hutch for my grandmothers dishes.

I was super excited to get this cabinet out and redo it. It is something my dad made several years ago and has set unused.

In 1997, my husband and I moved into a small rental house with not much cabinet space. My mom said that we could use this cabinet to hold our dishes, silverware, and other things to help add space. It was all white but said she would paint it whatever color I wanted. At that time I chose white with the bright lime green for the shelves. It was very useful to us and I used it until we moved out of town in 1999. 

Since that time the cabinet has set in my parents pole barn garage. Last summer I was rummaging around in the garage and came across it. I moved it to my moms garage and said I would refinish it "eventually." I had ideas of what I wanted to do but kind of put it off. This summer my mom called and said for me to pick out the paint and she would paint it!! I chose a dark brown (almost black) for the cabinet and a robins egg blue for the shelves. I thought the brown would look more like a natural finish and the pretty blue would highlight my grandmothers dishes.

The hubs and I removed the doors to give it a more open look. We put the doors in storage just in case we wanted to add them back on at a later date. I bought new hardware at Lowe's and only spent about $10 on the hardware. The paint was satin finish from Walmart and less than $20.

Here is the before:

And the after: 

Side by side:

As for the pretties on top of the cabinet. The vase and flowers I showed how I made them here. The stone in the middle is from my fathers funeral. The beautiful candle holders used to be red and yellow and I got them at Hobby Lobby for $4 and $3!!! I taped up the brown parts and spray painted them to match everything else. The candles are battery operated and from Walmart. 

Yes, I even taped up the pretties on the side!

Here is a closeup of the hardware:

What do you think?

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  1. Getting crafty, huh. :) Great job! Is it bad that I liked it before too? I like how you modernized it though! I've been refurbing a vanity now for almost 2 months. Oh the joys of having an infant;)