Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend part 2, the good

Yesterday I told you about the downside to our weekend, now to the upside!!

Our area has a HUGE car show once a year. There are 3 small towns involved, two with car shows and one with a motorcycle show. The BIGGEST of these three small towns has a population of only 5,900 people!! The amount of people that descend on this area is in the thousands every day!! Attendees and participants have to book hotels more than 50 miles away because the local ones are filled up. 

As much as I hate the extra traffic because a 1 mile trip to my moms house takes about 20-25 minutes, I love what it does to the economy here. The amount of money that people spend helps our local businesses so I can handle it, I guess. 

We can walk to a couple of the shows from our house, so that is what we usually do. Some people charge $5 to park in their yards, so walking works for me. People enter some beautiful cars in the show and it is so fun looking at them.  I am not a fan of cars, I know nothing about them but these people have dropped a lot of money into their passion and it shows!

The only downside is that we are very close to the car show and we can hear the music and announcers all weekend long. Usually this time of year it is a window open kind of weather but with the car show, it's a window closed kind of time. 

Here are some "before" pictures of our park. Tons of empty green grass.

Here are the "during" the show pics. Lots of cars and people!! Sorry they are from a different angle, the place was so packed we couldn't get to the same are as the "before" pics.

Here are some of the cars that we saw. None of these cars are owned by me, I just found them to be interesting and/or beautiful.

What did you do this weekend?
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