Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Go away winter, you aren't wanted!

Cabin fever is setting in.

It's so freakin' cold again this week!! Here is the current, check out the windchill temp:

I'm over it. The snow won't melt, we have missed so much school, and IT"S COLD!!

It's colder in Indiana than Alaska, who came up with this plan?

My pipes are frozen today! No hot water for the kitchen sink or washer. Then to top it all off, the drain is frozen to the washer. I only discovered this after I started a load of laundry and water spurted out all over the laundry room floor! FML

I went shopping on Friday night in 40mph winds just so I could get out of the house. Someone please flip the switch to May.....please. At TJ Maxx I got this candle called Beach Walk so I can dream. Bonus: it smells good and had 2 little shells in it.

I've watched so much TV, especially Monday and Tuesday when school was cancelled. I watched a lot of the old show Reba on TV and some old The Vampire Diaries episodes on Netflix.

Not much else is going on.

Found out that this is my puppy. Her name is going to be Penelope Joy (we will call her Penny) and we pick her up on February 7th. We are so excited! I am mentally preparing myself to get up every so often in the middle of the night to let her out.

No, she will NOT wear dresses but she may wear a small hair bow :)

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