Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day

I finally got around to decorating for Valentine's Day. To be honest, I don't usually do much decorating for it. It seems almost like a pain in the a** because it's not out for very long. 

I decorated the dining room table a little. The little vases, roses, heart scatters, vase fillers, and pink heart picks are from the Dollar Tree. My awesome mints are still in the bowl, they make a great decoration!!

The side table in the dining room got a little too. The red bowl, heart scatters, and ribbon on the owl came from the Dollar Tree. I got the little vase at the Dollar Spot at Target and the heart pick in the vase came from Hobby Lobby. Next on the list is to get some Valentine's M&M's to fill that bowl.

Grandma's dishes got fancied up with a burlap banner (times 2) that I found at the Dollar Spot at Target.

The kitchen bar got this candle. It took me forever to find a white vanilla scented pillar candle. I finally found it at WalMart. 

Lastly is this cute little heart tree. I worked for a doctor several years ago and his wife bought us these at a local primitive shop for Valentine's Day. I used to leave it out year round when my living room was more red but now it just comes out in February. There is even a tag that says: "Here's my Heart" and "J.B.  (the doctors initials) trees. " 

Do you like to decorate for Valentine's Day?

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