Monday, October 8, 2012

Candy, Candy, Candy

We only have 15 days left. Today's gift is some candy. We usually get a bag of candy to eat at the airport, on the plane, or in the hotel room. It is much easier/cheaper to buy candy at home than it is to buy it at the airport or Disney's gift shops. 

From left to right: Catelyn gets Reese Cups from Dollar Tree for $1 and gummy worms from CVS for $.88, Eve gets sour gummy worms from CVS for $.88 and Now & Later's from Dollar Tree for $1, Xanders candy is Life Saver Gummi's that were $1.87 at Walmart and sour gummy worms from CVS for $.88, Mammie gets 2 bags of chocolate covered raisins for $1 each at Dollar Tree, and I get chocolate covered peanuts from CVS for $1 and gummy bears for $.88 from CVS.

All of the gummy candy from CVS was the bigger, 2 for $3 bags of candy but I got them all on sale for $.88 each. Sometimes CVS puts candy onsale and its not in their ad's so you just have to keep an eye on products when you go in. 

Total for today's gift is: $10.39

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