Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Plane/car entertainment for trips

My best advice to people going on either long car rides or airplane rides is to pack enough to keep your kids occupied, because a bored kid is like a bored puppy....they get themselves into tons of trouble. We are approximately a 1.5 hour car ride from our closest airport and 2+ hour plane ride to Florida, add in the time spent at the airport waiting for our flight and it adds up to A LOT OF TIME that I need to keep 3 children entertained. Now, please understand that my kids are older and the two 12 year olds (Xander and my niece) will probably spend most of their time listening to music but there is still some time that they will want to do something else. I have already purchased my kids some activities, like coloring books and paper, but they were in need of something else. 

Today's Disney countdown gift is another activity for all of us. The kids get MadLibs (I LOVE MADLIBS!!!) and the adults get word searches. I cannot resist to add in something educational to their fun and MadLibs is it. 

The MadLibs were purchased at barnesandnoble.com for $3.59 each. The word searches came from Dollar Tree for $1 each. This gift total is $12.77. 

We only have 14 days left!! 

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