Sunday, October 7, 2012

Anti-bacterial hand gel for yucky bathrooms

Today marks 16 days until we go to Florida. The gift for today is anti-bacterial hand gel. All bathrooms are yucky, even Disney bathrooms. I encourage my children to use hand gel after they wash their hands and leave the bathroom, this helps with the germs that people leave on door handles. They usually use mine but I thought it would be easier if everyone had their own, especially if we split up to go on different rides.

Ok, for the descriptions: starting at the 12 o'clock spot and going clockwise. First is Xanders hand gel and glow in the dark holder from Bath and Body Works for $1.50, then is Mammie's gel and holder from B&BW for $1.25, Catelyn's is from Kohl's for $1.52, my gel and glow in the dark holder is also from B&BW for $1.50, and finally Eve's is from Justice and was $2.10. 

The total for this gift is $7.87.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am officially out of Mickey head paint chips from Home Depot. I explained how I made this Mickey to use for the remainder of my countdown here. I realize it is very basic and simple but it is going to work for what we need. 

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