Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Because I want to be a travel planner....

...not just a travel agent.

Don't get me wrong, I would like being a travel agent, but I want to plan EVERYTHING!! I want to plan where someone will eat, what their activities will be, resort, and flights.

I am not a spontaneous person!! 

Every year when we go to Walt Disney World, I spend several months planning what parks to visit what days and where/when to eat.  I plan everything, down to where to do bus transfers. I don't want any surprises. Hurricane Sandy provided surprises this year, which caused heart failure for me. If it's not planned then it cannot happen!!

For 2013, I have already planned Disney for fall break and now I have started planning summer vacation. I still need to figure out spring break...I think I'm doing this backwards haha.

Last summer we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This summers vacation looks like it will be to Wisconsin Dells. It is within driving distance from my home (about 6 hours) and has lots to do. I haven't been to Wisconsin since I was a baby and my kids have never been. Travelers right now will include my mother, both of my kids, and myself. The hubby usually stays home.

If you have any suggestions for the Dells, please let me know. I think I have picked out a hotel where we will stay for 4 nights. It has a microwave and fridge, so hopefully we can do breakfast in our room to save some $$. It also has 3 indoor water parks and 3 outdoor water parks. This should save from paying extra at a stand alone water parks. This is where I chose:

This is just 1/2 of the resort!!

Here is the other half.

It looks huge. It is called The Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort. I'm sure I can keep my people busy for 4 nights!! My only problem (this is where the anxiety comes in) is I have never been to the Dells so it is hard to do any more planning than this. This leaves my days open....with nothing planned....

Next up is fall break. I'm pretty sure that unless something happens that we will be going to Disney World again. This will be our 4th year in a row going on fall break. We will probably stay at Port Orleans Riverside. My daughter is obsessed with alligators and the bayou rooms have a murphy bed with an alligator on it. I already know what days I will be going to what park and what restaurants we will be eating at. Instead of trying new restaurants like 2012, we will be doing a "best of the best." 

Having told you how crazy I am, I am willing to help anyone with travel plans. I have offered this to several people, especially with Disney, and have had a few take me up on it. My services are free :)  

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  1. I'm the same way! My husband laughed at me and my "planning cards" I had daily lists of the times we would ride what and what time our dinner reservations were for what park. Nothing was did was son a whim.. lol We usually only do one Summer Vacation and this year will probably be the same unless we go on "baby moon" before baby comes in June! We usually just do theme parks for the day.. but I can't do that this year being preggo!