Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*Book Review Wednesday*

It's time for book review Wednesday again. 

I love reading it is a great way to pass the time and live in another life. This week I had to go to the library to get a book that I couldn't find on the libraries digital site and I didn't want to spend the $$ to buy it. I was sitting at work today and trying to read it but I kept getting distracted by co-workers. I noticed that while talking to them that I would occasionally tap the page I was on. This is one of those knee-jerk things that I always do....on my the screen doesn't turn off. I guess I'm just used to my Nook. Not surprised, though, because I have owned it for over a year and this is only the 2nd book I have had to check out at the library since then. 

Now to my review:

I found this book on sale for my Nook. It is written by a fellow blogger: The Bloggess.

I have recently started reading her blog and it is freakin' HILARIOUS!!

The book is:

The title of the book even tells you that it is "a mostly true memoir." I don't care how much is true and how much is not, I laughed all the way through the book. I tried to figure out what could be true/not true while reading and it is all so outlandish that it is hard to tell but it doesn't matter. The author does such an awesome job of pulling you in that you don't care. I loved her writing style, even though it seemed like it rambled. I ramble on and on so I have no problem with it. 

She tells about her childhood, meeting her spouse, her careers (OMG, to sit in on those HR meetings would be too much), the trials of having children, and growing up in general. I was able to relate to the author in so many things and then wonder how she survives the others. It is a rolller coaster of hilarity that I did not want to be over. 

I read on Barnes and Noble that they may have added another chapter but I wish she would write another book. I would be first in line to get a copy (for my Nook)!!

I highly recommend this book to others as long as they are not easily offended. She uses some bad language (get over it people its a book, you can skip the bad words) and discusses some touchy subjects (if it offends, just skip it). If you can get past these (which I hope you can, you are an adult) then get the book.

If you want a fun book to make you laugh, READ IT!!

It gets 4 stars for awesomeness!! 

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