Monday, January 28, 2013

Fantabulous 5

This used to be a weekly Sunday post and I think I will move it to Monday.

Rockin' out week

1.  November Rain by Guns 'n Roses
2.  My Immortal by Evanescence
3.  Doll Parts by Hole
4.  Talk Dirty to Me by Poison
5.  The Unforgiven by Metallica

1.  Blogger (I am finding myself reading more and more blogs every day).
2.  Allure Magazine
3.  Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen (Free for Nook right now)

 1.  I love having painted toenails :)

2.  I am obsessed with buying lipstick but I rarely wear the bold colors that I buy!

"Look after my  heart - I've left it with you." 
Edward Cullen
Twilight: Eclipse
(I have this quote on my bedroom wall,
 I love how romantic it is.)

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