Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random awarenesses

I have come to some realizations this week.

1.  I am old!! I know this is shocking to just realize how old I am when I turned 36 (gasp) last year but I have always felt younger. I don't try to act like a 21 year old or anything but I do still appreciate a good time now and again. 

I came to realize this because of a couple of things. I have watched the show Castle for a few years and I love it. Nathan Fillion is FABULOUS!! But did you know he is only 5 years older than me? I always thought he looked old but I thought he was at least 10-15 years older than me, nope!! 

Then the straw that broke the camels back (like us old folks like to say), I discovered that Daniel Gillies (Elijah from Vampire Diaries) is MY AGE!!! I remember watching his episodes thinking how much older he looked than the other "originals." WTH? 

maybe it was just the stupid haircut!!
How can this be? I guess it was inevitable that I figure it out sooner or later. I think I will go ahead and order my Hoveround!!

2.  Candy bar sizes need new names. I have determined that candy bar sizes need new names. I think a "king size" candy bar should now be called "fat size" and a regular size candy bar should be called "chubby size." Cause let's face it, you will be those descriptions if you eat it!!

My fav's!!

**Quick shout out to the hubs for getting me said fat or chubby bar when I need it, even in -10 degree weather...Thanks!!**

3.  New soccer coach means momma's gotta get off her fat booty and run. Xander has a new soccer coach this season. I have discovered that he is a young player from a local university. He has also played for an MLS team's youth league. This means Xander is going to have to pick up the pace with the running, which means I will have to go out with him. Maybe this will help me with motivation because I refuse to give up my chubby bars :)

4.  I can't give up school lunch no matter how hard I try. I had my gallbladder out in 2011, since that time my stomach is very sensitive. I usually take my lunch and it consists of carrots with french dressing and some Jello (don't worry, we keep some Hershey's kisses in our room for after lunch cravings). My stomach does really well with this lunch. The problem is when I am in the cafeteria and I see the chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, chili, etc. I can't help myself. Something warm, this time of year, always sounds better than a cold lunch. I told myself that when we came back from Christmas break that I was not going to get school lunch anymore, not matter how the peas called my name. It didn't last very long :(

5.  Cold weather makes me lazy. At the beginning of this week, Indiana was warmer and I had the energy to get up and do a bunch of stuff around the house. Then yesterday the temperature dropped 20 degrees within a few hours (welcome to Indiana weather). When the temp dropped so did my desire to do anything. I just want to sit under a blanket and play on the laptop. Hopefully spring will get her soon.

6. The awesomeness of early 2 hour school delays. This is the second time this year that we have gotten our 2 hour school delay phone call the night before. This is the best. thing. EVER. They have never done this before. I can now set my alarm clock 2 hours later (7:45) and I don't have to worry about answering the phone at 5 a.m. or calling my mom to let he know of the delay!!

Some awesome randomness to end with today. The roads were really slick today in Indiana. There were lots of accidents and slide offs :(  This is the pic that I saw of some of the craziness:

Yep, those are ELEPHANTS!!!
Fox59 ran the story that these elephants were in the semi that slid off the road. I guess the police got the elephants out safely, got the semi back on the road, and then put the elephants back in the semi so it could go about its business. Could you imagine driving down the interstate and seeing elephants in the middle of the road? I said so to the hubs and said that it's not like we live in India or something. We then had to brain storm to make sure there were elephants in India and I am not just making things up. All we could think of was African and Asian elephants. I just checked on Google (because the internet doesn't lie) and it says there are elephants in India, haha!!

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