Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crazy Daisy facts

I am doing a link up today with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. I read hers and thought it sounded fun so here you go....

I can't get the link to work :( I am so confused!!

Some crazy daisy facts about me:

I love chocolate. I'm pretty sure I could eat it for EVERY meal. I love chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate in the middle.

I read all the time. I am constantly looking for a new book to read. I currently have 3 books on my Nook that are in line to read next.

I talk to my dog like he is another kid.

I quit a good paying job in my college degree field to work at my kids elementary school. I make less money but I am MUCH happier. I found that I love working with kids and having the summers off isn't too bad either :)

I am VERY quiet but I am usually judging a situation on the inside. Sorry :(

My favorite colors are pink, purple, and black.

I truly believe that cancer is a nasty bitch!!

Huge party situations make me nervous because I am so quiet.

I carry my Nook Tablet EVERYWHERE I go.

I like learning new things but I hate teaching others how to do something, I would rather do it myself. I used to be the resident computer trainer at my last job, it made for an interesting time. (this excludes teaching children)

I have diagnosed myself as lactose intolerant. 

I could fall asleep anywhere, in the car, on the couch, at the table, by the pool. I once fell asleep at a concert. In my defense, I was sick and only about 12 years old. The concert was Nelson and Cinderella!!

I am a Walt Disney World super fan!! My first trip was in 1981 and I have loved it since that day. 

I got to live my dream of going to DisneyLand in 2007 when on a girls trip to Los Angeles.

Blogging helps me relax, especially reading other peoples blogs. Its always nice to know others have bad days, too.

I HATE having my picture taken. There are rarely pics of me, I am usually taking them. This is partially because I am so self-critical (my hair doesn't look right, one eye lid is droopy, etc.) and partially because my mother constantly took my picture as a child.

I hate cold weather and snow. I am pretty much grouchy December-March. I would love to live in Florida. The hubs and I joke that he plans on moving to Michigan when we retire but I plan on moving to Florida. 

I have 9 tattoos: 4 tiny hearts on the back of my neck, hearts and stars behind one ear, an anchor and "honor" on my left wrist (for my dad), "Love" in an infinity symbol on my right wrist (the "o" is a keyhole and the hubs has a tat of the key), butterfly flower and vines on my lower back (done separately), orchid and tribal on one ankle, butterfly on top of one foot, and a Mickey ears hat on one toe.

I could never work at my favorite place (WDW) because of the above tattoos :(

I hate it when my hands get dirty. I'm not an OCD hand washer, I just don't like them to be dirty. 

I am usually grouchy at night. Don't wake me up once I go to sleep or you will probably regret it. The hubs is opposite.

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  1. Reading about all of your tattoos makes me want to get another one!