Thursday, January 24, 2013

So. Freakin'. Cold.

It is so freakin cold right now in Indiana. Our school system even had a 2 hour delay one day this week just because of the cold. Wind chills were well below zero. I hate cold.

Poor little Evie has had some growing pains this week in her legs and had to spend one evening on the couch with the heating pad :( Poor baby, I hated the growing pains. I remember crying while my mom rubbed my shins. 

Now let me give you a little background on the school system I work for. It is also the same school system I attended K-12. There are 3 teachers in my elementary school that taught when I went to an elementary school in our district. I went to school with 2 teachers in my building. I went to school with the children of the school secretary and another teachers aide. Finally, many of the aides live within a few blocks of my house. Needless to say we are a very small town school. We service grades 2-5 and have 700 children from 2 towns in it. So, I found it shocking that after Christmas break we were required to wear a name badge, I mean I know everyone I work with and I know the people that shouldn't be there. The 1st problem about name badges is that it has your picture on it (see my post on how I hate my pic being taken) and the 2nd problem with name badges is they tear up your clothing. Last week, I wore a brand new sweater to work and it was pilled all over the front where the badge would hit. I was mad but considering the sweater was from Old Navy, it wasn't too surprising. Then, this week I wore another brand new shirt (this time of better quality). This one was made of a very thin material, It also ended up with pilling and then got 2 snags. Guess I won't be wearing that shirt to work anymore. Someone else decided to clip it to the bottom of their shirt and while she was doing something it tore up the bottom of her shirt. Any suggestions as to how I can make this experience any better?

Lanyard is Vera Bradley in Indigo Pop

Finally, I read some blog tips for new bloggers from Erin at Living in Yellow. One of the tips she had was to keep a journal with you at all times to write things down when they happen. Once I read this I realized that this is totally going to help me. I was always thinking of things at bedtime or at work and couldn't remember them when it came time to blog. I bought my 7"x5" journal at Walmart. It was with the regular notebooks and it was less than $2. It has an elastic to keep it closed and a folder on the inside to keep things safe. 

Pretty pink polka dots

Today's blog was all things that I wrote down in my journal.

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  1. I love the journal and our weather in Indy is crazy right?!!!? OMG so freezing! My nephews had a 2-hour delay on Tuesday because of the cold. Thankfully my kids don't have to wait for a school bus (though I think my other nephews and niece do and that makes me sad). Thankfully however those other nephews and niece were driven to school by their mother that day. :-) I love your new journal. A new journal is so exciting. That first word. That first pen to paper. AWWW I love it!!