Sunday, February 3, 2013

5 Days of Shoes

I love buying shoes. One of the first departments I hit up when I go into a store is the shoe department. I don't know if it's because I'm a bigger girl and clothes shopping causes anxiety or what but whatever it is it is major. I even have my daughter obsessed with shoes. For several years, she has been happier receiving shoes when we go shopping than a toy.

I love buying shoes but I hate wearing shoes. I wish I lived in one of those states that you can go somewhere without shoes. I know it sounds disgusting but my feet love being free :) I would go barefoot all the time but Indiana has 2 problems. 1.) It has snow, I don't want frozen piggies. 2.) They have laws that don't allow such things, blah, blah, blah! So for now I will wear shoes. In about 2 or 3 months I should be able to break the flip flops out and my dogs will be super happy.

I decided to take pics of my "cute" shoes for 1 work week. Please realize that what I consider cute and what you consider cute might be 2 different things. I cannot wear heels. I have really bad knees and am just plain too busy to wear them. I have about 5 minutes between student groups and the closest adult bathroom in my school is in another part of the building, so I have to be able to hurry. Hurry and heels don't belong together in my opinion.

As you can see from the pics, we are allowed to wear basically whatever we want. I can wear jeans whenever and I am so thankful. I work for an awesome school system.

You will also tell that I buy most of my pants at Old Navy. They are about the only store that I can afford that carries my size. 


You can still buy these here.

On Monday I wore my cute Moccasins from Payless. They are gray and have gray fur on the inside to keep the piggies toasty. They were about $27 but I am sure I bought more shoes that day on the BOGO sale. Jeans pictured are Old Navy skinnies.


Tuesday brought my awesome deal Skechers. My mom got me these at a Columbus, OH GoodWill store with the TAGS STILL ON THEM. Yep, thats right, brand new Skechers (she bought me a black and a brown pair) for $3 each pair, SCORE!!! Khaki's are from Old Navy.


I couldn't find these anymore on the Tom's site but you can see the other glitters here.

Wednesday was going to be the last "warm" day of the week (by warm, I mean 30 degrees) so with no rain in sight I was able to bust out my new sparkly Toms. As you know from posts past, I love my new Toms. Whats not to love, cute shoes, sparkles, and comfort?  My mom bought these at Tradehome's in the mall. They sold her these little no see 'em socks to go with them. At first I thought, "yea, right, these will not stay on my size 10 feet." But you know what, they have a little gel like grippy on the heal and they don't slide down. I think I had to pull my sock up once during the day. Definitely worth $10 for 3 pairs of socks. Jeans are Old Navy boot cuts.


Zappo's doesn't have many left.

With Thursday came snow and cold temps. I got my Ugg's out. I realize you might not think they are cute but I do :) I got these from Zappo's a few years ago. The thing I read about Ugg's is that you are supposed to buy them 1 size smaller than your shoe size so they are snug on your feet. Please do not wear socks with them or you don't get the full benefit of the fur. I decided that I should buy a size 8 in womens, I went 2 sizes down. I then read that a size 8 in women's Ugg's are the same as a size 6 in girls. Why not save $20-30 and buy girls? Mine pictured are a size 6 in girls and I in my Nike running shoes I buy a size 10. The only problem I found is getting my foot in the boot. Once on, they fit like a dream. I paid $150 approximately 2 years ago. Jeans are Old Navy skinnies.


More cold temps. We even had a 2 hour school delay because it was going to be 5 degrees. At our school system we can wear school spirit shirts on Fridays. So, I wore my Indian's sweatshirt along with my Nike running shoes. These shoes are really old. I bought them in 2008!! I am due for some new ones, I think. I love them, though, because they are black with pink accents (my 2 fav colors).  Pants are black yoga pants from Old Navy.

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