Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Are there earthworms in hot dogs?

I didn't post my Fantabulous 5 yesterday :( I had a book that was nearing the end and the world stops turning when the book is ending. I had to finish it, so I didn't accomplish much. I didn't even eat dinner. 

Thank goodness that book is done so now I can have bloggy time. 

As I have mentioned before, I work at an elementary school with 2nd and 3rd graders as a reading aide. I love working with the kids. We always seem to have a good time while getting work done. The following is some funny things that they  have said to me over the last month or so. 

Boy (2nd grade): Are there earthworms in hot dogs?
Me: Um, no!
(Hot dogs have a lot of crap in them, hopefully not earthworms, but I'm sure he will Google it when he is 12 and find out for sure).

Boy (2nd grade): He is saying bad "bathroom" words.
Me: What kind of bathroom words, like "poop" or words mommies and daddies say but we aren't allowed to?
Boy: The 1st one
(Thank goodness it wasn't the 2nd one, or he would have been in deep sh**, haha)

After reading a page about Redwood tree bark
Me: What can you tell me about redwood tree bark?
Boy (2nd grade): Seeds
(I was confused, I repeated the question. He repeated his answer. Well, all righty then.)

After a students reads a page of his/her book they have to answer some questions. The first being "what did I just read." After they answer it they have to choose another question from a list that I give them. This little girl (2nd grade) chose: "Why is this happening?"
Girl: Why is this happening?  Well, this is happening because......................it is happening.
(I prompt her by asking why is the man going to the store, she responds with "because.")

Girl (3rd grade): Tax checks are coming soon.
Me: yep
Girl: I can't wait to get ours. Are we out of school that day?
Me: No, we will be in school then.
Girl: Well, we should get the day off so we can go shopping.
(Some parents are pretty stellar in the teaching of life skills department.)

This is one of the hardest times of the year for me. Most kids call the upcoming holiday "valentimes" day. It makes me crazy. I spend most of that day writing the word down so they can see that there is no "time" in "valentines." They still don't get it. Well, I was at the Dollar Tree the other evening when an adult was on her cell phone and this is what I heard her say: "I'm at Dollar Tree and I'm tryin' to figure out what to get you for Valentime's Day."
(No wonder kids don't know what the holiday is, their parents call it that as well. Secondly, I don't think I will be shopping for romantic valentine's gifts for the hubs at Dollar Tree.)

Finally, sometimes our parents like to say/do funny things also. Just last night my mother called me and said she couldn't take Xander to school because she was leaving at 6am to go the Indianapolis bus station with her friend (neither owning smart phones) to pick up the friends son. She then called me at 7am this morning, from Indianapolis, wanting directions to the bus station. I typically ask stupid questions and this time was no exception, I asked "why didn't you get directions before you left?" Her response was "I figured we would run into it eventually." 
(Seriously, you don't just "run into" things in Indy.)

Never a dull moment!

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