Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy weekend shenanigans!!

Just when you think a weekend is going to go as planned...think again!!

On Friday, my memory card died in my phone. I can't complain really because I've had that same memory card for my phones since at least 2006, so I'm guessing I got my moneys worth!! Unfortunately, I had TONS of pics on there and some music, which is now gone forev! I had recently stated adding pics to Dropbox but I don't think all of them made it on there, including a girls trip to California in 2007. I'm sure I have the pics in an album somewhere, I hope. I had this on there from 2010, luckily it made it to Dropbox:

June 2010!!

Saturday, I went shopping out of town. I wanted some new shorts (because spring is going to HURRY UP and arrive) but Maurice's didn't have a very good selection and I HATE paying shipping prices online. I didn't even spend more than $40 at Target, who does that?

Sunday was filled up by more shorts shopping (yes, I'm obsessed with finding new shorts) and then Xander had a soccer game 60 miles away, which filled the rest of the evening. 

The up notes include:

I found some shorts at Kohl's (Elle brand, so cute).

Xander did excellent as his first time EVER as keeper for his soccer team. He did allow 2 goals but he stopped a lot more.

The Hub's didn't offend anyone at the soccer game.

I got to reconnect with a past friend, so many awesome memories!

The Doctor Who episode was pretty good. I think I'm going to like Clara. 

I got to have some Ulta time, which I am obsessed with. Sometimes I wish my town would get one but then I would probably be broke, so we will just stick to shopping there when out of town. 

I got some sweet puppy time!!

Hub's and puppy Zoe napping together.

Today I am spending money I don't have on handbags I don't need at the Vera Bradley outlet sale!! My cousin, my mom, and I have been on this shopping excursion every year for the last 8 or so years and it is usually a good time. This is what I would most like to find but I have a hunch that the pattern and style are too new:
My laptop would fit in the front pocket!!

Today also officially starts Xander's golf season. Have you ever been to a junior high golf game? Let me tell you what you're missing: the worlds most boring sport to watch wrapped up with some Indiana chilly, windy, rainy April weather, and it all equals misery that my son LOVES!! WTH did I do wrong? But being the awesome mother that I am (I will gladly accept chocolate as an award) I attend every game/match/thing and cheer him on.  

(Yes, I realize that my pics aren't usually the same size and don't look "uniform." No, I'm not too concerned about it. The words I have written and the content of the photos mean so much more than the size of the pics.)
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