Monday, April 22, 2013

Freezin' my booty off (Part 1)

This weekend we had a soccer tournament in Terre Haute, IN and it was FREEZING!!

Who plans a soccer tournament in Indiana in April? It's not like the temperatures are not usually the same every year in April. We can randomly get some high temps but it is usually chilly. Two years ago when we attended this tournament it was in the 30's and rainy. At least this year it wasn't rainy.

This is how Saturday went.

This was the temp before our first match of Saturday:

This is my shadow, if it looks like a blob it's because we are bundled up with coats, hats, boots, gloves,  scarves, and several blankets. 

Yes, these are little ice pellets. It wasn't warm enough for them to melt AFTER the first match.

This is the temp for the second match, at least it was a little warmer.

Here I am, all bundled up:

I found this little note in the drawer at my hotel. I wish I were clever enough to leave something like this behind.

Room with view?

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