Friday, May 31, 2013

First day of my summer

Today is the first day of my summer!!

I am beyond excited.

I am not saying I didn't have an excellent year, because I did. My students were awesome this year.

My year didn't end too well, though. We will have a new principal next year, when the current one was doing a great job. The discipline was better and our test scores were going up under her supervision. Another sad thing was that I found out that I will no longer be working with the teacher I work with. I have been with her since I started at the school, the 2008-2009 school year. It is so great to work with someone that is pretty similar to you. She will be going back to a classroom (from doing intervention) and we will have a new intervention teacher. I don't mind change but I am leery about if I will get along so well with a new teacher. I am more upset about the fact that our students are doing such a great job with the lessons we are teaching, what will happen when we have someone else?

I'm sure that with the speed at which my school system works I will be waiting until August to hear who I will be working with. I guess I will have to just not let it bother me until I hear something.

My mom's pool isn't even going to be open until tomorrow, which by the time the chemicals are balanced out it might be Monday before we can swim. Luckily I have lots to do to keep us busy.

Besides my summer fun list, I have some household goals.

Finish the bathroom
Paint my dining room china cabinet
Revamp the front porch
Find/make living room curtains

Starting today, I can watch my long missed programs. I'm pretty sure they missed me too. Kathie Lee and Hoda, Today Show, Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Michael have all been missed. I think I will spend this morning on the couch to watch, it's supposed to rain today so I'm sure I won't miss out on any outdoor activities. 

Finally, yesterday Eve and I stopped at our local fancy donut shop for a breakfast treat on the way to school. She got Oreo, I got Reese Cup. Here she is taking her first big bite.

What can make the first day of summer even better? New Kids on the Block is performing on the Today Show right now!!
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