Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer fun list

This is what my happy dance looks like right now:

Why am I doing the happy dance? Because I only have 8 days of school left!! I can barely contain myself, it makes me want to do the Elaine Benes dance. 

Because summer is so close I have decided to make a list of fun things to do with the kids. I have read many lists but Xander is 13 and some of them won't appeal to him so came up with my own.

My summer fun list:
Learn 3 words in Spanish
Farmer's market
Pick berries
Water balloons
Make S'mores
Concert in the park
Go hiking
Go to the zoo
Go to a theme park
Bike ride
Bake cookies
Decorate cupcakes
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go on a picnic
Walk to the library
Tie Dye

How about some randomness from Pinterest...

Saw this funny Pin on Pinterest:

The tag line was that you can leave notes on the washer in dry erase marker to say what doesn't go in the dryer. Quick question... Who am I leaving the notes for? Myself? Cuz you know no one else is going to get clothes out of the washer but me!!

Now for a random student pic that I saw in a classroom today. It said To Mrs.____ and then from ____.

When I first looked at it I instantly thought it was an upside down Star Trek symbol. How nerdy am I?

It's supposed to be a heart, I think.

See what happens when I flip it and put it next to the symbol?

Well, I'm pretty sure you have had enough of my randomness. Have a good weekend!!
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  1. What an awesome list! I've started ours but haven't found a fun way to display it yet.. still waiting to have this baby so we can move on to other things! LOL