Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a boring summer!

I haven't blogged in a few days because I just didn't have anything to say.

Summer for me is relaxing but in the process of making it relaxing, it seems boring to outsiders. I don't do much during the morning, my afternoons are spent by the pool, and evenings are spent with the family and/or at Eve's softball games. Boring, right? I don't care if it's boring because I know I only have 10 short weeks to be off then back to to the grind.

On Monday, I babysat. It was kind of a busy day. We picked Xander up from golf, went to the pet store, went home for lunch, went swimming, and then their dad picked them up. The evening was spent eating a nice family meal and watching some Doctor Who on Netflix.

Tuesday was a little more low key during the day. We relaxed, had lunch, swam, and then Eve had a softball game in the evening. Her team lost their first game of their double elimination tournament. This was shocking to the girls because their team was #1 in the regular season, having only lost twice when 2 good players were injured. We play again tonight, if they win hopefully it will lift their spirits!

Central Indiana was expecting rain this afternoon so we opted out of swimming. Eve and I priced some rummage, cleaned the kitchen, did one of our Disney crafts, and now she is playing on the computer while I blog while listening to the Music Choice "hit list" channel on my TV. Xander is, of course, playing video games.

The Disney craft we worked on was our pressed penny tubes. We made some last year, to get the full instructions go here. Last year we used the short tubes because I thought it would be easier and cheaper since I was making 3. This year I decided to use the long tubes. The amount of money needed for the long tubes is $15.50 in quarters and $.31 in pennies. I got the labels here (I printed the big tubes with the 3x5 option on my printer thru Picasa and printed the short tubes with wallet size). I think my next project from her site will be the tip envelopes and the mousekeeping envelopes. 

Both of my kids love Epcot, so they wanted the same label. My mom gets the laundry money tube.

My next "project" for this week and next week is to learn how to use this bad boy:

It's the hubs camera and I am terrified to use it. He tells me all the time to use it but knowing me I would drop it. I am curious as to what kind of pics I can get with it, once I learn all of it's functions.

I am still learning about pic editing for my blog. Recently I started using PicMonkey to help them look better and to add the daisy. I would then add "Mendy the Crazy Daisy" at FotoFlexer. This got old fast so I decided to just use PicMonkey, they have some fonts and I will just use one of theirs, I also shortened my labels from "Mendy the Crazy Daisy" to "Crazy Daisy." I hope that is enough of a label.

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