Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Birthday

This weeks Life of Bon Throwback Thursday is birthday party.

I have mentioned it before but I am pretty sure this would be better with pictures but I am so old they didn't have film back then. Sorry

I don't have a certain birthday that stood out to me. My mom always had great parties for me. I always felt bad for friends when I would go to their parties because mine were so fun. 

I had a couple at McDonald's. Yes, you read that right, McDonald's. Back in the early 80's McDonald's had birthday parties. They would block off the back part of the restaurant and you could have a party. There were a few games, Happy Meal's, and a Ronald McDonald cake. Yep, they did cakes, too. 

My mom even let me take a couple boys to Showbiz Pizza in Indianapolis one year. I think it was my 13th birthday. I was so excited to be able to take boys with me. My boyfriend went :)

One year I had an awesome Muppet's party. I LOVED the Muppet's!! I even had these Miss Piggy invitations:

By the time I hit the high teens I wanted low key celebrations. Just a few friends and not partying with my parents! For my 18th, I spent it with a few close friends and my parents even let me stay out past curfew!

Sometimes when you are up there in years like I am it is hard to remember specific details about something that happened so many years ago. Hope you liked my lame walk down birthday memory lane!
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  1. My husband always wants his birthdays at Firehouse Subs because that is his favorite sandwich place. And, he gets a free sub every birthday.

  2. I for sure remember McDonalds birthday parties and they were THE BEST!!! I tried to duplicate it by having a birthday party at my house and serving happy meals to the kids for my son's fifth birthday. Totally NOT THE SAME! And none of the kids ate the happy meals. Gone are the days, right?