Monday, July 29, 2013

Life updates

I have been MIA for awhile. Sorry to my reader(s), lol. 

Last week was pretty awful. I prepped for a rummage sale all week long. I usually have one a year and I get loads of money from kids clothes. This money helps me get school supplies and clothes for my kids. We had the sale on Friday and Saturday but I spent every day last week pricing items and getting them set up in the garage. Even with having the sale on Friday and Saturday, I have a friend coming today to look at what I have left. I have already earned a few hundred bucks so anything additional would definitely help.

Also last week I had awful pains on the bottom of my foot. For a couple of nights I couldn't sleep because of the pain that was throbbing like a toothache. I knew as soon as it was getting bad that it was plantar fascitis, from my years at a doctors office. I read up on the treatment and started with stretching exercises, ice/heat, and Advil but nothing was helping. I could barely walk, even with wearing shoes with support. I think the combination of the rummage and the original injury that was preventing me to heal. I ended up seeing a nurse practitioner at my doctors office and she said my diagnosis was correct (of course!!). She gave me stronger ibuprofen and told me to freeze a full water bottle and roll my foot over it for 20 minutes every hour. With these treatments, my foot is slowly getting better. I am walking better and the pain is leaving me, thank goodness. 

Now for my weekend. The kids and I did some school shopping for backpacks and clothes. They got some stuff and I got these awesome shoes on sale for $17 at Payless:

I love things on sale and shiny things :)
When I went to put them away, I realized that my shoe storage area is beyond full. I may have to buy another holder. 

Hi, my name is Mendy and I have a flip flop addiction!!

The hubs and I went to Target. We, of course, bought more than we needed including this awesome peel and stick chalkboard that now has a new home on my built-in oven:

I think I am going to start putting a different quote on every day.
The hubs also got Fruit Roll Up's. It has been ages since I had one. It was just as yummy as I remembered but it also got stuck in my teeth just as bad as I remembered!

Finally, on Sunday we did our grocery shopping at Meijer and then hopped over to Lowe's to get some shims to help us with the stupid bathroom mirror frame that's been giving us fits. As soon as I walked in I saw this awesome sauce and couldn't help but taking a picture of it. I don't think I could use it because all I could think of would be rubbing someones butt.

How was your weekend?
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