Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I just read this story about a man that rescued his dog before his wife while their boat was sinking. It reminded me of a story of my husband where I was to sacrifice myself to save something.

In 2007, we decided to buy a flat screen TV. Up until that point we had a 31" tube TV (which is now in my bedroom, by the way). For us Best Buy is approximately 30 miles away, so off we went, in the middle of a snow/ice storm. He, of course, had to have that TV right away. We walked around that store forever trying to find something that fit our budget, was a good size, and they had in stock. I finally found a TV that had been returned and they didn't have a box for it. We compared the picture and color to all the others surrounding it and decided that for the money, it was the best deal. We then went in search for a stand. I absolutely refused to have glass. I hate glass stands because the fingerprints are a problem for me and I had a 7 year old and 4 year old. Glass is a little dangerous for those ages. Anyway, I found a wooden stand I liked, which was also a floor model, BONUS (we didn't have to put it together)!! After we purchased it, Best Buy employees helped load it in the truck. We had borrowed my father-in-law's huge Dodge Ram with a crew cab.  Luckily we brought along a tarp. Husband decided to put the TV in the back seat and the stand in the bed, which worked. We made it home damage free. 

It's when we get home that the fun started. We unloaded the stand first and got it all set up in the living room. Then we got the TV out of the back seat, remember that flat screens were a little heavier then compared to now. We had to get it up the front steps, which were covered with ice and snow. For some reason, he thought that it was better that I go up the steps backwards! Then he utters "if you fall make sure the TV falls on top of you!" WHAT? I guess at that time, the television was more important than the health and safety of his wife.

I love telling this story. He is still very protective of that dumb TV. On an up note, because he has cared for that TV it is still in excellent condition and I will get it for my bedroom when he buys a new one next year. 

What is something that your husband sacrificed you for?

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