Thursday, August 8, 2013

People Kill Me!!

People kill me, they do the most asinine things. It cracks me up that someone finds their behavior acceptable and/or doesn't know any better.

I have been selling stuff on a Facebook page for local sellers/buyers. I had some Vera Bradley products that didn't sell in my rummage so I thought I would try this page. I ended up selling a couple of pieces to a couple different ladies. We set up everything through Private Messages on FB and through texts. I said I would meet them at Kmart in town A. I sent them both a private message and a text, they both agreed. We traded car descriptions so we knew who to look for. I was looking for a gold Aztec and a red PT Cruiser. I left home a little late (3:55) and received a text from Miss Gold Aztec that wanted to know what direction I was coming from and to let me know she was sitting with my other buyer. I pulled in the parking lot and only saw the red PT Cruiser. I sold to Miss Red PT Cruiser and she left. I couldn't find Miss Gold Aztec. She text me about 4:05 and wanted to know where I was. I said I was in Kmart parking lot, in the back between Kmart and Family Dollar. She sent another text that she was looking for me and that she was sitting with my other person. I text back that I had already sold to my other person and she already left. She text me back that she just realized that she was at Meijer in town B, not Kmart in town A (15 miles away, pretty sure I mentioned Kmart 5 times setting it up) and wanted to know if I would wait for her. I, of course, told her yes. She text back that she told my other buyer (??) and she cannot come to town A. I text back again that I had already sold to the other buyer. She text back that I shouldn't worry, she would bring the items with her from the other buyer. She just wasn't getting it, so I text again that I had already sold to the other person and I had no idea who that person was that she was talking to. Finally she gets it and text back "sorry for the confusion." She finally showed up and we completed our transaction. I was absolutely shocked about the whole thing. She just wasn't understanding anything I was saying!! How many times did I need to repeat myself. It was almost as if I was speaking to a toddler!

Another thing that cracks me up is my sister. She is my half sister and constantly criticized me throughout my childhood and my adult life. Everything I did, she nitpicked. Why did I wear the clothes I did, why did I choose the college I did, why was I getting married in June, why did I choose to have kids, why did I move houses, etc. One of her big complaints is how I chose to raise my kids. I didn't criticize her, but she felt she could me!! I live by the philosophy that my kids didn't choose this life so I should make sacrifices so they can have the life they deserve. This means me wearing Old Navy clothes so I could afford Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and Hannah Andersson for my kids when they were little. Her philosophy was that her kid would never dress better than her. Both philosophies work for the people they were intended for. She would constantly say that I spoiled them and that I spent too much money on them. I dressed my daughter "ridiculously" because when I picked her clothes out (until end of 1st gradeish) she always had hair bows to match. Eve loved them and so did I, so what's the problem? The part that cracks me up is that her 2 year old granddaughter wears dresses with matching hair bows and my sister thinks it's the cutest thing ever. What? Also, when Xander was born I wanted different names for my parents. I chose Grammy and Grampie, which my sister thought was dumb. She said grandparents should be mamaw and papaw. She constantly told me that Grampie was ridiculous and her father shouldn't be called that. I didn't care and kept it. Our father passed away in 2011, before my sisters granddaughter was born. I have since found out that the granddaughter calls my brother-in-law, GRAMPIE!! I thought it was ridiculous? It cracks me up that she can criticize me and then find it acceptable later in life. 

Eve (age 2), Grampie, Xander (age 5) 2005, Virginia vacation

Eve, age 5, Downtown Disney in Gymboree dress with matching bows, 2008

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