Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend recap

Besides what I mentioned yesterday, I had a pretty good weekend.

On Friday, I did some shopping. I went out of town by myself and enjoyed a quick shopping trip. I got some school supplies and school clothes for the kids. But my big find was my new luggage. A few weeks ago I had a rummage sale and sold my old luggage set. It was a lovely set that I bought off eBay years ago. It had 5 pieces and only cost me $135. I picked the pattern/colors I did because one time in Vegas my luggage was taken. I was using my moms huge hunter green suitcase, I got off the shuttle bus, the driver handed me a bag and it wasn't mine. The elderly ladies that he had dropped off right before us mistook our bag for theirs. Needless to say, it took several hours to get my bag back. I vowed right then to NEVER use hunter green or black luggage again. As soon as I returned home I bought a bright yellow set. When it wore out, I bought this pretty purple set.  It was used by me a lot and I sold it for $20. I was happy with what I got for it. Here is the old set:

The new set was an awesome find at TJMaxx. I love TJMaxx!! This is a Nine West set. The original Nine West tags were still on it and the large rolling bag and the tote was suggested retail for $580 together. I paid $80!! It is still nice bright colors but now I don't have tons of pieces I will never use. This set is so nice that I used to store my luggage under my bed and this is too deep to fit.

Isn't it pretty :)

Saturday was spent relaxing at home and waiting for my kids to return from Michigan. They left Tuesday afternoon to go to Michigan with grandma to visit great-grandma and great-grandpa. They love it. They can play on the beach and great-grandma is the best cook ever. Anyway, we knew the kids wouldn't be home until almost midnight so we decided that we could go get froyo for dinner!! I always get the same thing: chocolate froyo, peanut butter froyo, hot fudge, peanut butter topping, mini-chocolate chips, and crushed Reece's Pieces. I justify it because it is full of protein because of the peanut butter and the chocolate froyo is fat free!

Tragedy struck for us Saturday night so the rest of the night and all day Sunday was spent in shock. We had decided to bury Emmett in the back yard with 2 cats out there, laws be damned, but my mom called and said she thought it would be best to cremate him. She was worried that if we ever moved, we would be upset to leave him behind. She said that her dog from several years ago she had cremated and then buried the ashes on my grandmothers grave. I thought this was a good idea and we could bury his ashes (laws/rules be damned again) on my dad's grave so we can visit 2 wonderful men at the same time. The kids loved the idea. We took him to our local vet, they said we will have his ashes back in about a week. 

Since I am talking about pets, I asked for prayers here for my mom's cute little puppy. I forgot to tell you that she came home from the puppy hospital and is a sweet, healthy little girl again!! During our rummage we caught her cuddling in this baby carrier we were selling, she loved it! Isn't she a little cutie?

How was your weekend?
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