Monday, August 5, 2013

R.I.P. Emmett

My heart is broken and I am so upset as I write this. My beloved dog Emmett was hit by a car on Saturday night. When I put him out he is usually on a tie out but it broke. He decided it was OK to sit in the road (we live in a super small town and our road rarely has a car go down it). Someone hit him and didn't even stop to tell us. My husband found him. I am holding in my heart that he went quick and wasn't in any pain. 

I feel crazy getting so upset over a dog but he did everything with me. He followed me everywhere. He slept with me, napped with me, and cuddled with me. He would let me carry him like a baby and loved to be carried around the house. He loved bye-bye, treat treats, and playing fetch. He was my baby and I often joked with my kids that he was their brother. Everyone who met him, loved him. He will be dearly missed. 

In my journal, I had an idea for an upcoming blog post. It was to be titled "I am convinced." One of the things I was "convinced" of was that "my dog won't eat unless I am doing laundry or using the restroom because those are right next to his bowls and he won't leave my side long enough to do so." I was starting to get worried what he was going to do once I go back to work. He has had anxiety problems before and I was hoping we didn't have that problem when I went back to work.

Sorry for the sad post but my heart is sad and it makes it difficult to write a "happy post."

R.I.P Emmett Edward Hussong

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  1. How rude of whoever hit him not even to move him or apologize!
    Our Fairy Tale

  2. I'm so sorry. :( And don't feel crazy, I'd be devastated if something ever happened to our furbaby! They are part of the family, and it still hurts to lose them. And I'm sorry that the person who hit him didn't have the decency to even stop. Some people are completely heartless, and have obviously never known the love for a pet. RIP Emmett <3

    1. Thanks, it's good to know that I'm not crazy. I keep telling my husband that I feel ridiculous but I don't know what else to do. Heartless people suck!!