Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dear Friday Letters....

Dear Friday,
I love when you show up but I hate wishing for you to come, it means my kids are getting older.

Dear Bronchitis,
I have had about enough of you. Twelve days is plenty. Why couldn't you make my voice sultry when I was sick like Phoebe on Friends, instead I sound like Patty and Selma.

Patty and Selma

Dear iOS7,
You actually have a nice look about ya, my school iPad looks and operates pretty good. I am impressed. Just not impressed enough to leave Android for Apple!!

Dear Readers,
Please tell me why someone would necessitate a french fry holder for their car.

Dear Random Substitute Teacher,
Thanks for asking if I have lost weight. I wish the answer to that question was yes, but it helps a girl feel better none the less.

Dear Hubs,
Considering this is your favorite drink, please wear this for halloween.

Dear Teachers,
No, I do not want to go on the field trip with you. I will go only if I have to! Also, do not insult me by asking me what I do when I am not in your class. Last time I checked, you wanted me to do my own lesson plans. This requires me to actually do the lessons, and get ALL of the materials prepared in the 10 minute prep time you give me.

Dear Disney,
Thank you for the awesome mail yesterday. I love getting my packet with my luggage tags in it, it means that the magic is closer (32 days closer!!).

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  1. HAHA At the costume! and YAY for Disney mail:) My favorite kind.

  2. I count down days before Disney too. :)
    I've visiting from the Weekends are Fun blog hop.