Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Update!

We had a very busy weekend. We didn't go anywhere or do anything but I don't feel like I had time to sit down. 

On Friday, Eve had a friend spend the night. They are good girls, so luckily they are quiet and stay in her room.  They did enjoy playing in the kitchen for awhile with the Easy Bake Oven.

Saturday, I had to get up early for the little girls mom to pick her up. I spent the rest of the day doing housework to make up fro being sick. I am very lucky that everyone at home helps out so I didn't have a whole lot to do alone. The hubs and I relaxed and watched TV on Saturday night. We are definitely past the "party animal" stages!!

Sunday was spent doing laundry. I feel like I did 358 loads of clothes!! This is the one thing that I don't like much help with. I don't like the thought that a nice shirt might shrink or end up with washed in stains. 

I redid a china cabinet recently (I will post before/after pics later this week) and spent some time getting my grandmothers bone china out of storage. I had 2 storage tubs of dishes that have been packed up since she passed away in 1994. It is a beautiful pattern with delicate pink flowers on it. The cups are even better, they are pink flowered on the outside and light blue flowered on the inside! When my grandmother passed away, I got to choose which pattern of china (she had 3 patterns) I wanted and this is what I chose. It is so beautiful and delicate.

I got it all situated on the cabinet and I love how it looks. 

Early Sunday evening I went to town to the grocery store and look what I saw in my mirror on the way home....CREEPY!!!

I had to spend the evening hours getting some lessons done for school. It takes forever to do some of this stuff and then to help slow me down, I ran out of colored printer ink! Oh well, the rest was printed in black.

I topped my weekend off with some Half Baked Ben and Jerry's!!

Got this awesome mail today (Monday). It is my invite to participate in the test for MagicBands! Seeing that my bands have already shipped, I am guessing this letter is a little late but I'm not complaining!!


Hopefully my MagicBands will arrive this week :)

29 Days until my Disney Vacation!!!
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