Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OMG the bathroom is done!

I have been yakking for months about redoing our kid's bathroom. I worked hard on it over the summer but the stupid mirror frame was giving us fits. We finally got it on and painted, although it is not as good as we wanted. I will show you some before photos and after's as well as tell you how I screwed up and how you can avoid it!!

Up first is the before photos. Our old theme was a beach theme with beachy accessories and a pretty aqua blue paint that reminded me of the water in the Bahama's.

Now for the after's. We didn't have a very big budget so we had to work around the vanity/sink and tile we already had. The tiles on the wall are black and white with black grout, the floor tiles are white with black grout. Because of these color constraints I went with gray, white, black, and a touch of yellow. I decided to paint the walls and ceiling gray, which looks so good!! My hubby wasn't sure about the gray ceiling but he loves it. It looks so uniform and clean. 

Candle holders behind toilet were a gift a few years ago. They are from Celebrating Home and it appears they no longer sell them. The candles are battery operated and are from Walmart ($5 each). Bird cage was free from my mom and the yellow boa was about $3 at Hobby Lobby.

The chandelier I told about it's transformation here. It cost me spray paint, spray primer, and light bulbs.

My budget didn't originally allow me to get a new light for over the sink because they are $70+ at Lowe's. I found this beauty on the clearance rack at Walmart for $30. It was shiny silver originally and we just spray primed and painted it with the paint we bought for the chandelier. Super cheap and looks fab!

The shower curtain I am in love with. First for price, $6.99 at IKEA and second because of how quirky it is. I got the clear rings at IKEA also for a couple bucks. The yellow ribbon was $2 for a spool at Walmart, I just tied little bows and it looks so cute.

This shelf was in my other bathroom and I didn't want it in there anymore so I spray painted it with the above paint and hung it here. The vases were my husband's great-grandmothers, flowers from Hobby Lobby. I told here about my doorknob towel holders. The pretty towels were from TJ Maxx.

This side of the mirror holds my children's silhouettes from the Magic Kingdom in 2008. Since it has been 5 years, I told my kids they will be getting new ones done this October, which explains the empty frame. I bought the frames at the Dollar Tree.

Lastly, the mirror and sink area. The candle holder I had and didn't really have a place for it. The candle is from TJ Maxx. BTW, it is very hard to find a yellow candle!! The cute little claw foot tub soap dish is from the Dollar Spot at Target, it was on clearance for $.50. We got very lucky and was able to get a new faucet. The old one was shiny silver and was a little drippy. We didn't really have the money in the budget for a new one because we didn't want silver. My father in law called and said he had bought one that he wasn't going to use and he got it a couple years ago so it was unreturnable. While at his house he found that he bought the tub/shower set to match and didn't want it either, BONUS. The hubs will probably install that when we are in Florida. The faucet is almost black and fits in nicely. 

Mirror trim was some extra an uncle had that he wasn't going to use. I had already bought the glossy black paint for around the doors. Our mistakes happened in the install process. We ended up using shims under the mirror to hold it in place and used liquid nails. We tried just liquid nails (as EVERYONE on the internet said would work) and it didn't work. The next mistake was in the painting process. I waited until after it was installed to paint it because I wanted to be able to fill in any holes and gaps at the corners. You can see the blank wood in the mirror reflection, which I should have thought of. I don't think the glossy black works either, I think a satin or semi-gloss would have looked better.  

Even with my mirror errors, I couldn't be happier with my new bathroom. I feel like it is more "adult" and I am no longer embarrassed when company wants to use the potty. 

What do you think?
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  1. OH MY GOSH! HOW CUTE!!! I love it. Very classy, yet still fun at the same time. Great job lady! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much. I don't know how you handled the stress of doing your whole house, I could barely handle the stress of one little room!!