Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clean up

I spent some time this weekend cleaning up the "following" list. I followed several blogs (80+) and more than half of them I didn't read. I felt like the ones that I really cared about were getting lost in the others. So, I decided to "unfollow" some blogs. I started following a bunch of blogs when I joined blog hops. I still like blog hops but I think I will be more selective with who I follow.

I went from over 80 to about 35. Some had closed down their blog, some hadn't blogged in several months, and some I just never read. One blog I stopped following because the blogger asked me for help with something and when I helped her, she didn't follow through with her part of the deal.  BOO!!

I now feel like I can keep up with the lives of the bloggers I really care about. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I do this often because, like you said, things get lost in the shuffle. I do like to keep in touch with the bloggers I actually care about:) Thanks for being one of them!