Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Teacher Christmas gift

Every year I debate as to what to get a teacher for a gift. I'm sure I could get the good 'old gift card, but what is the fun in that?  Go to Pinterest and the pages are flooded with ideas of cute things to make. How does one decide? They don't, they make all of them!!

This is what I decided to make. All of the labels were printed on card stock and cut out. I didn't do anything special to them. The ribbon came from the Dollar Spot at Target.

I know, blurry!! This wouldn't happen if I were a photographer!!
I even got a bag at Dollar Tree and wrote on it :)

Up first was the "We Wash you a Merry Christmas." The soap came from the Dollar Spot at Target. I got the cute little label here.

Next is the "fleece Navidad." Pinterest had this listed as a fleece blanket or fleece scarf. I happened to find a fleece scarf, hat, and glove set for pretty cheap so I used it. The label is from here.

Then I made this "Merry Christmas" candy bar. It is just a regular sized Hershey bar with this wrapper.

Why is this so blurry? The world may never know!!
I found these cute boxes at Meijer. I put Jolly Rancher's inside, to fit the "jolly" theme. The label came from here.

The "Santa-tizer" was the easiest. I bought a bottle of sanitizer at Dollar Tree and ripped the label off. I then cut a piece of red construction paper to fit. I wrote the words and colored the belt/buckle with Sharpies.

"Cute and Cozy toes" is just a bakery bag with some comfy, fuzzy socks and some nail polish in it. The label is from here.

Last was the "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry" cup filled with candy. I got the cup at Dollar Tree and the candy is Hershey's kisses. The label is from here

Hopefully the teacher likes it. I thought it was super cute. What are you getting for a teacher this year?
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