Friday, December 27, 2013

Cute little puppies!!

I've been a little busy to post anything this week but thought I would do a short little update. 

Christmas was fantastic, of course. I will post some pictures next week.

My babies are off to the UP Michigan to visit the great grandparents. They love great grandma and were super excited to get some of her totally awesome cooking!!

I mentioned before that I got a tablet for Christmas. I also got some clothes and some money. My money put a deposit on my puppy :) I am so excited. I have started buying stuff. Bowls, crate, toys, collar, and a sweatshirt but I still need to get a leash, treats, and food. The puppies were born this month and it will be February 12th at the earliest that she can come home, so I have some time to stock up. Below is a picture that the breeder sent me. I am second pick female, so one of these cute little morkies (Maltese/Yorkie) will be mine!!

I love puppies. Bring on the puppy kisses!
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