Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas to ME!!

Last week I mentioned my dream Christmas list. My actual list didn't have much on it. I said I wanted a new vacuum, new clothes, and a tablet computer. I always carry my Nook with me and I figured with a tablet I could have better internet access, more apps, and still have my books on it.

While browsing on one day I found out that Staples had an additional $50 off tablets. I decided to go ahead and buy myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. I got a great deal on it and I am super happy with it. I got the cute hot pink TPU cover for it on eBay. Here is the front and back pic of it :)


Front-Look at all the fingerprints lol
I always carried my Nook in a case to keep it protected. I didn't want the same design for my new tablet and struggled to find what I wanted. Then one day while on Pinterest I found the Thirty One Fold and Go Organizer. This thing is super cool. It is kind of plastic feeling so it wipes off easily, has a pocket for my tablet, comes with some matching paper, and has a zipper pocket to hold a stylus and my earbuds. Also the paper comes out and the tablet will also slide in that spot and it is held in place by 2 elastic strips. I love the convenience of it. I must admit that I got my organizer on eBay because Thirty One doesn't carry this same pattern anymore and it wouldn't get it until after Christmas. 



Another Christmas gift to me was a new pair of jeans. Old Navy had jeans 30% off and I needed some new ones. I am not really a fan of their jeans but it's all I can afford. Their jeans never fit right and one pair never fits the same as another. I needed skinny jeans and I thought that's what I was getting but look at how huge the legs are!! I realize that I am not "skinny" but my calves are not the size of tree trunks so my pants do not need to be so big. I washed and dried them hoping they would shrink with no luck. They looked funny hanging out of my boots this morning but I didn't want to wear anything else. Old Navy: Just because a girl is "fat" doesn't necessarily mean that her legs are super huge.

These are def not "skinny"!!

Oh and by the way, I am getting a new puppy!! I am still lost without my Emmett and it is time to rectify that situation. A breeder near my home just had a litter of golden morkies. I am super excited!! Hopefully I can get her home by Valentine's Day!!
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