Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Sometimes when somethings happens, you have to stop and say "wait....what?" People do and say some crazy things.

I recently read this blog post and was offended by her words. I understand that blogs are used by bloggers to state opinions (like I am now). Most people realize that when they state an opinion on their blog they know that they are going to offend some people and are usually apologetic about it. This woman does not apologize. Evidently having children is God's work and if I don't have a lot of kids, I am not doing His work? What about those wonderful women that can't have children, are they not doing God's work? I could ramble on and on about this one but I am sure it would be boring for you so I will stop now. Read the link if you want the full scoop. 

I just saw this on the Today show that there are businesses out there that remove head lice. I know from recent experience that removing lice is a BIG, FAT PAIN IN THE ASS but I am not sure that I would pay someone $150 to remove it from my child. Having said that I am pretty sure that I deserve $150 for removing it from Eve and if anyone wants to pay me I will be glad to give you my Paypal info, lol. Kudos to the people that realized the financial opportunity with it but I wonder if they are itching all day. I am itching just thinking about it.

The final wait....what? has to do with me. I FINALLY lost the 4 pounds I gained on my Disney vacation in October, so bring on Christmas to gain it back again :(

I have a Disney confession today: I have been to Walt Disney World over 20 times and have never been to the Hall of Presidents! I just have zero interest in seeing it. 

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